[CT Birds] a request

Schlesinger, Lee Lee.Schlesinger at purchase.edu
Wed Oct 21 15:31:51 EDT 2009

Next semester I will be offering a course on Birds, at Purchase College (SUNY) where I teach.  It is not an ornithology course (cross-listed, Literature and Environmental Studies), but I would like to offer a little introduction to ornithology.  The problem, and what I am asking after, is A TEXT.  Most of the formal ornithology text books that I checked out are too long, more detailed than I need, and too expensive.  I have thought of using the ornithology-like introductory parts of a Sibley guide.  Does anyone have any ideas?  This project is also limited by the fact that I am not an ornithologist, and the material I present will be well-informed but not highly technical or specialized.  For the record, the primary "literature" materials will be Rosen's THE LIFE OF THE SKIES, lots of the literature mentioned in his book (most of it poetry), bird art (Audubon, Fuertes, etc); and there will be some introductory field work.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated; many thanks.

Lee Schlesinger
Port Chester, NY

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