[CT Birds] 10/22 Hammo Buses, Cars, Runners and a Godwit

W RUPP rupp at snet.net
Thu Oct 22 21:16:59 EDT 2009

On Thursday afternoon I checked out Hammo for the godwit and was surprised (and disappointed) to find the fields at the west end roped off for a major track/cross country competition and full of runners in warmup suits with no access beyond the West Beach parking lot which was packed with school buses and cars.  After finding a parking place near the west side of the lot, I was amazed to see the godwit in its usual spot near the now very small rain pool probing the mud.  While watching for a brief time, numerous runners jogged down the roads, perhaps 50-100 ft from the bird, which seemingly paid no attention to them.  One person in a warmup suit, completely unaware of the bird, walked diagonally across the field and passed within 20-30 ft of the bird which took a few steps away but remained as the person passed.  Shortly after, another person walked diagonally across the field, and at a distance of about 50 ft noticed the bird and changed directions
 to walk directly toward it.  At a distance of about 20 ft, the bird flew and made a single circle to land about 50 ft behind the starting location while the person continued walking across the field.
>From Dean Rupp:
10/22/09 - Madison, Hammonasset SP -- previously reported HUDSONIAN
GODWIT present at 3:00 pm actively probing in the grassy area near the very small rain pools west of West Beach parking lot.

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