[CT Birds] OFF TOPIC - report on 5 days of birding in Utah

Robert Maleski Maleski at msn.com
Fri Oct 23 10:01:20 EDT 2009

Just got back from a trip to Utah. I thought I would post my bird list for those who might be interested. We walked along the Virgin River in St. George, hiked the three ponds trail in Snow
Canyon, and spent three days along various trails in Zion National

 St. George:
 american kestrel
 gambel's quail [numerous]
 common black hawk
 greater roadrunner
 gray flycatcher
 rock wren
 black-tailed gnatcatcher [a beautiful male]
 bell's vireo
 orange-crowned warbler
 white-crowned sparrow [abundant]
 albert's towhee
 lesser goldfinch [saw both western races with
 green backs and black 
Snow Canyon:
 blue-gray gnatcatcher [several]
 red-naped sapsucker [2]
 mexican jay [4]
 dark-eyed junco [Oregon race]
Zion National Park:
 lesser scaup [in a small pond in Springdale]
 mountain bluebird [male]
 western bluebird [8, M/F including what I think were
 american dipper [8 - one of my favorite birds to
 common raven - numerous
 canyon wren [2 - very tame, beautiful]
 yellow rumped warbler - audubon's race - [several,
 in lighter fall plumage 
- very pretty]
 wild turkey - 5
 northern flicker - red-shafted version 2
 american robbin - about 20 together
 cedar waxwing - about 40, including juveniles
 red-naped sapsucker
 bewick's wren - hangs out near the park
 juniper titmouse
 townsend's solitaire [a life addition for
 blue headed vireo Plumbeous version [a life addition
 for me]
 spotted towhee 2
 mountain chickadee 4
 hairy woodpecker
 dark-eyed junco - oregon race again - several

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