[CT Birds] check those lakes

Kfinnan at aol.com Kfinnan at aol.com
Sat Oct 24 17:16:06 EDT 2009

'Wasn't going to bother checking the lake out in the foul weather until  
Greg's message came through.  Thanks, Greg!
Woodridge Lake, Goshen -
At about 4:30 P.M., there were 25 Black Scoters in a tight raft, 2 Surf  
Scoters and a mixture of about 16 Common and Hooded Mergansers.
In the morning, on Valcove Court in Goshen, there was a mixed flock of  
Juncos, Sparrows (Chipping, Song and WT) and usual-suspect feeder  birds 
numbering about 100.  No rarities, though.  Two Brown  Creepers and 10 Purple 
Finches also persist in an around the yard.
Kevin Finnan

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