[CT Birds] 10/25-- Stratford birding:VESPER SPARROW, scoters

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Sun Oct 25 19:12:47 EDT 2009

10/25 -  Stratford afternoon birding:  After the Sunrise Birding  walk at 
Cove Island Sanctuary, I decided to stop in to Stratford.
McKinney NWR railroad tracks - not a lot of sparrows, a few song, swamp,  
white-throated, and juncos, but the highlight was 1 VESPER SPARROW   who flew 
over my head as I was reviewing the finer points of nite heron  
identification and then landed near the top of a leafless deciduous  tree (Is leafless 
deciduous tree redundant? sorry!) giving me great scope looks  for over two 
also: 2 red-tailed hawks
        1 rc kinglet
        2 b c nite herons (1 adult,  1 juv.)
        4 yc nite herons (1 adult,  3 juv.)
Long Beach Blvd warehouse pond, adjacent wetlands, and fenced off  
field/dirt mound area:
    pond: 4 hooded mergansers (2 m / 2 f), 1 greater  scaup m.
    wetlands:  not much-- a few juv. cormorants, 2  snowy egrets
    an abundance of sparrows everywhere here,  esp. behind Building 500 
which has the fence, weedy field and dirt mounds--  sparrow paradise!:
            lots  of savannah, swamp,  white-throated, and song (savannah 
by far outnumbered  all the rest around Building 500)
            palm  warblers and yr warblers
            e.  phoebe
            2  turkeys
Stratford Pt./gun club area:   1 BLACK SCOTER m,
                                          6  surf scoters f.
                                          1  greater scaup f.
                                          13  black bellied plovers flying 
in to Milford Pt.
                                           several  brant geese
Carolyn Cimino

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