[CT Birds] Guess i won't bother to go look - Taken from MASSBird today

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>From Brian O'Toole with Luke Tiller, Mike Warner & Stefan  Martin:
10/29/09 - Greenwich, Quaker Ridge Hawkwatch -- 5 Sandhill  Cranes in a 
group heading southwest.
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Subject:  [MASSBIRD] Fwd: Sandhill Cranes:  Wareham to Greenwich
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Here's a mapquest route from Tihonet Bogs to Greenwich, CT...a  fairly stra=
ight run of 191 miles...I'm sure the cranes consulted Mapquest  before they=
left to get the best route to Cape May Point, NJ and  destinations south!=
I'll be checking NJBIRDS the next few  days...
 (http://www.mapquest.com/maps?1c=3DWareham&1s=3DMA&1a=3D[39-99]+Tihonet) =

Mike Maurer=20
Marion,  MA=20

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