[CT Birds] Stratford/Milford birding-

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 26 09:48:50 EDT 2009

10/25, Wooster Park Pond, Stratford (7:45a)-
(1) Wood Duck (male)
(3) Gadwall (2 m, 1 f)
(2) Green-winged Teal (both male)
(2) Golden-crowned Kinglets
(5) Yellow-rumped Warblers
(1) Brown Creeper
No Snow goose when I was there, and low numbers of CanGos (11) on top of many Mallards and some Black Ducks.  I also heard a Yellowlegs calling, but I couldn't locate it on the north end of the pond (right side, looking at the pond)
10/25, North End Park (previously Wigwam), Stratford (8:10a)-
(1) Belted Kingfisher
(12) Yellow-rumped Warblers
(1) Ruby-crowned Kinglet
(2) Eastern Phoebes
(3) Swamp Sparrows
(2) Savannah Sparrows
Lots of sparrow (and some warbler/kinglet) activity along the 3rd base-line fence and thicket covered dirt pile at the end of the gravel parking lot.  Several White-throats and song mixed in with the Savannahs.... Swamps were in thickets bordered the pond on the playground side.
The pond only had a few Mallards and a pair of Black ducks.
10/25, Mondo Ponds, Milford (8:30a)-
(6) American Wigeon
(3) Pied-billed Grebes
(1) Great-blue Heron
(3) Golden-crowned Kinglets
(2) Ruby-crowned Kinglets
(1) Palm Warbler ('yellow')
(x) Yellow-rumped Warblers
(x) White-throated Sparrows
(2) Swamp Sparrows
(1) Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
(1) lighting quick R/C boat (bye bye ducks...)
10/26, Stratford yard/woods (8:15a)-
(2) Eastern Towhee (male and female)
(30+) White-throated Sparrows
(1) Swamp Sparrow
(4) Dark-eyed Juncos
(7) Yellow-rumped Warblers
(2) Golden-crowned Kinglets
(1) Blue-headed Vireo
(2) Hermit Thrush
(1) Winter Wren
(2) Carolina Wren
(47) Canada Geese in a 'V'; moving SE.
(2) Red-tailed Hawks
The male Black-throated Blue warbler was around yesteday afternoon around 1:15p, but I could not locate him this morning.  If he did leave last night, his tenure was from October 5th through the 25th.
I was getting a little lazy with the hummingbird feeders until Frank Mantlik had a hummer at his house in Stratford.  So I've been keeping up with it, and I've noticed the levels go down about 1/2" the last few nights.  Bats?? Flying Squirrels??  (I wish I knew passerine flight calls....  TONS of birds moving overhead last night around 11:45p.)
-Brian Webster-
Stratford, CT
b.webster at hotmail.com

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