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Mon Oct 26 15:49:12 EDT 2009

10/26  Hammonassett St. Park   
9:45 AM  Hudsonian Godwit in rain pools by West Beach  Parking lot.
Also  2 sharp tailed sparrows in marshy grasses just  beyond area where 
Godwit is being seen.  I am not sure what to call them  now since I read 
somewhere about the name change.
10AM  Western Kingbird at end of East Beach parking  lot,  behind 2 sand 
piles in a dead tree on branch above the branch  with white rope.  Sat giving 
nice views, then flew around came back to  same branch several times.
Thanks to the gentleman who pointed it out to me.
Then onto Meigs Point (11:30AM)-what I believe to be the  Lapland Longspur 
(where previously reported) at entrance to nature  center parking lot near 
handicapped signs.  It Flew over the parking  lot, landed on the post of 
wooden fencing at front of parking lot then dropped  into grasses and foraging 
at base of wooden fence.   Looked very  similar to illustration in Sibley's, 
pg. 505 with a darkish rim around  auriculars, pale creamy supercilium and 
very rusty/dark striped back  &wings.  
Other species seen were 2 killdeer flyovers,  American  black ducks,
1  female green winged teal , many yellow rumped  warblers, song sparrows, 
2 savannah sparrows, 2 Great egret, herring gulls, ring  billed gulls, 1 
Greater black backed gull.
Beverly Propen

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