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Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 27 13:29:18 EDT 2009

10/27, Hammonasset SP (9:15a-11:50a)-
Hudsonian Godwit (juvenile??) continues on grass at the end of West Beach as of 9:15a, then again at 11:55a.
I searched rather hard for the Kingbird but had no luck.  I checked all the spots where it had been reported, and then some.  There were many birders present today and I'm wondering if anyone found it.  On my second attempt around 11:50a, I had 5 Snow Buntings on the back end of the sand/dirt pile at the end of the East Beach parking lot.... before the new construction area.
Other notable birds:
(75+) Yellow-rumps all over the place
(10) Golden-crowned Kinglets (Willard's Island)
(2) Ruby-crowned Kinglets (Willard's Island)
(1) Nelson's Sparrow in the cord grass across the channel from the Willard's Island platform 
(1) Lincoln's Sparrow
(200-250) Tree Swallows
(1) Bank or NRW Swallow** (leaning towards NRW)
(5) Snow Buntings (first of the season)
(1) Harrier
(1) Sharpie
(1) Kestrel (Willard Island platform)
(1) American Bittern flying to the East over the marsh hat runs along the entrance road, before the rotary (new CT bird)
(4) Great Blue Heron
(3) Great Egrets
(1) Yellow-crowned Night-heron flying towards Willard's Island from Meig's Point)
(1) Northern Pintail (female, in the pond near the very last parking lot by Meig's Point)
(1) Great Cormorant flying solo and heading south out over the sound (first of the season)
(14) Common Loons (one fly-over group of 8)
(4) Red-throated Loons
(14) Black-bellied Plovers (Nature Center lot)
(38) Dunlin (35-Nature Center lot, 2 East Beach, 1-with H.G.)
(1) peep sp. on a log, with a Dunlin, in the flooded marsh next to where the plovers and other dunlin hang out. Either Semipal or Western.. gotta check the photos
Plenty of White-throat, Song, Savannah, and Swamp sparrows.  And one Lincoln's sparrow at the very beginning of the Willard's Island trail.
One spectacle was a roaming flock of about 100 Tree Swallows.  There were smaller flocks of anywhee from 15-45 around the whole park too.  I'd say about 200-250 total.  I got a great photo of a super dense flock battling the wind over the Moraine Trail.
The non-tree swallow was brown, and had brown going over the top of it's breast.  However, I lost it in the flock and didn't get to look close enough to discern between Bank or Northern-rough Winged.  I am leaning towards NRW because it didn't seem too small (not that big of a difference, I know), the head looked darker, and the brown on the breast looked more 'smudgy' than that of a Bank.
A very birdy outing until the rain came, but even then it was rather productive. The Godwit is very accommodating, and doesn't seem to fearful of cars.... although it does stop feeding and pays attention when someone rolls up.  
-Brian Webster-
Stratford, CT
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