[CT Birds] Lighthouse Park Sunday November 1

Steve Mayo rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sun Nov 1 18:37:34 EST 2009

The front took it's sweet time to clear, and the light rain didn't completely stop until around 7:30 am (standard time, ie, hawk time and people time).  We only had 41 hawks for the day in spite of really good mid-morning NW winds and 100% cumulus.  
Other in-the-Park and migrant highlights included 2 Loon, sp, 36 fly over Canada Goose (including a long-necked "runt", 60%-70% size, of unknown heritage), 22 Brant, 100 Herring Gull (moving NE to SW and joining 5 feeding NORTHERN GANNET off the beach), 4 SNOW BUNTING, 1 BROWN THRASHER, 1 LAUGHING GULL, 1440 Am Robin, 98 E Bluebird, 105 BH Cowbird, 20 Purple Finch, 10 House Finch, 4 Am Pipit, 218 Cedar Waxwing, 40 C Grackle, 45 RW Blackbird, 1 late BALTIMORE ORIOLE, and 2 late, cold and wind-swept Monarch Butterfly.  
Thanks to Don Morgan, Dori Sosensky, Nick Bonomo, Paul Kennedy, Sulmaan Khan, et al, for the help and for keeping me awake.  
Steve Mayo

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