[CT Birds] On This Day (11/2)

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Mon Nov 2 06:49:40 EST 2009

Yesterday I neglected those Records of species that were present all  

1993	Sandhill Crane	Sharon
1993	Piping Plover	Old Lyme, Griswold Pt.
1998	Black-headed Gull	Stamford, Cove Is. Park
1999	Black-headed Gull	Stamford, Cove Is. Park
1983	Lesser Black-backed Gull	Greenwich, Greenwich Pt.
1990	Lesser Black-backed Gull	Mansfield
1999	Lesser Black-backed Gull	Stamford, Cove Is. Park.
1994	Rufous Hummingbird	East Hartford
2000	Rufous Hummingbird	Cheshire
2000	Rufous Hummingbird	Stratford
1998	Red-headed Woodpecker	East Haddem
2000	Red-headed Woodpecker	Bloomfield
1999	30	Northern Shrike	Connecticut
1989	Painted Bunting	Old Lyme
1997	Bullock's Oriole	West Goshen

On 11/2	

1888	Bufflehead	New Haven
1893	Tundra Swam
1908	King Eider	Stratford
1950	Whip-poor-will	Glastonbury
1990	Evening Grosbeak	Ellington
1991	Tundra Swan	Preston
1882	American Avocet	Old Lyme, Griswold Pt.
1998	Tundra Swan	Essex, Middle Cove
2002	Grasshopper Sparrow	Milford, Silver Sands St. Pk.
2003	Common Eider	Stratford, Long Beach

Orange-crowned Warbler
Yellow-rumped Warbler

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