[CT Birds] Hammonassett

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Mon Nov 2 11:53:57 EST 2009

11/2  Madison, Hammonassett St. Park
9:30AM-11AM overcast, 50 degrees, windy.
Driving in at marshy pond by East Beach  were 6 Black  Ducks & 1 female 
Hooded Merganser.  Driving to nature center in marshy  pond on left were
5 Greater yellowlegs, 2 were bathing.
At Meig's Beach to the right of the jetty on the sand was  a mixed flock of 
15 Black bellied plovers, 14 sanderlings, 8 Dunlin.   Scanning on the 
waters to the left of the jetty were the 3 Common Eiders, and 2  Scoters which I 
think were Surf scoters, swimming  together.  I noticed a pale spot on the 
back of the nape of one of the  scoters.  One Red throated loon as pointed 
out to me by a nice gentleman  with a scope.
In nature center parking lot were 4 Black bellied plovers, 4  Killdeer and
7 Horned larks. One of the larks was taking a sand  bath.
Just driving through the park was 1 American Robin, 1  Great Egret, 2 
mockingbirds, about 11 crows  and blue jays.
Didn't look for the Godwit or Western Kingbird.
Beverly Propen

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