[CT Birds] Sherwood Island SP Invasive Plants Update

Tina and Peter Green petermgreen at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 2 19:49:21 EST 2009


   I met with Jim Beschle,Sherwood's park supervisor,today and voiced my concerns about how invasive plants,particularly Porcelain Berry and Asiatic Bittersweet,are taking over the pine and spruce grove and that they are threatening to strangle and kill these very important trees. I suggested one or more mornings,on a weekend,when volunteers could come in to help begin eradicating these plants and he was agreeable to this. A representative from the CT Forestry department is coming to Sherwood Island  to assess all the trees in the park at Jim's request and I will be accompanying them that day as well. I am hoping to schedule a volunteer day within the next month before the cold weather and,dare I say,snow,arrives. I'll ask you to bring work gloves and pruning shears and to donate a few hours of your precious time. I'll provide hot drinks,healthy snacks,and handle the organizational end of things as well as doing the grunt work. Anyone interested in helping with this endeavor should email me ASAP.I am open to any further suggestions and comments.

  Footnote:This stand of trees is where many of you have seen the White-winged Crossbills last winter as well as our resident Great Horned Owls,other migrating owls,and so many other birds.Just today before the park closed,I witnessed over a hundred Juncos feeding on the cones at the tops of the trees,listened to their sounds as they flitted from one cluster to the next,and watched the "chaff" fall gently to the ground like snowflakes all around me as I stood beneath them.Moments like this is why I am a birder and why I want to help protect their habitat.


Many thanks,

Tina Green



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