[CT Birds] Stratford yard/woods

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 3 10:30:13 EST 2009

11/03, Stratford yard/woods-   There must have been a nice movement last night, proving the prediction on this list that those birds upstate moved down here.  My woods and edges were covered with about 60 Juncos, over 20 White-throats, 8 Flickers, and my first FOX SPARROW of the season.  A nature sighting that may be of interest to the list happened on Sunday.  I found 2 Brown (Dekay's) snakes in the lead litter on the wood edge.  I then took a quick poke around, and 20 minutes later I saw a Robin slurping one up!  My best guess is that the bird thought the snake was a large night-crawler...which, in my woods, I have found to grow to over a foot when stretched out.  Anyone hear of this behavior before?  Also a ton of waterfowl continue at Wooster pond and park.  6 species of ducks and several dozen Canada geese that may warrent a peak.  Many Juncos there also.  -Brian Webster-     (sent from phone) 
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