[CT Birds] Southport Survey #202 and more

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Sat Nov 7 16:02:40 EST 2009

Southport Survey # 202
Sunken Island was expose and more activity off shore. Off on the  
blurry horizon birds could be seen moving west. Again no Laughing  
Gulls. The loons continue to be about. the first Common Goldeneye of  
the season turned up off Pine Creek Beach. For the survey this was  
early by 2 weeks.

One Pied-billed Grebe remained at the golf course, there were no sign  
of white egrets. In the harbor were the Bufflehead. but no sign of  
any shorebirds, even Killdeer.

Dennis Varza

DATE	10/17	10/21	11/3	11/7
Tide	High	Low 	High	Low
Time	7:35	7:30	6:50	7:05

Brant	65_0_8_12
Canada Goose	30_33_52_18
Mute Swan	6_4_2_2
Mallard	10_13_8_14
Northern Pintail	0_1_0_0
Greater Scaup	0_2_0_0
Surf Scoter	1_1_0_0_
White-winged Scoter	0_0_5_0
Long-tailed Duck	0_0_5_1
Bufflehead	0_0_0_6
Common Goldeneye	0_0_0_1
Hooded Merganser	0_1_8_0
Red-breasted Merganser	0_1_2_3
Common Loon	0_3_10_10
Red-throated Loon	1_2_2_2
Pied-billed Grebe	0_0_2_1
Double-crested Cormorant	23_65_32_47
Great Blue Heron   	2_0_2_2
Great Egret    	1_0_1_0
Snowy Egret  	0_1_0_0
Black-bellied Plover	8-2_0_0
Killdeer   	0_14_0_0
Sanderling	0_0_70_0
Semipalmated Sandpiper	4_0_0_0
Western Sandpiper	0_3_0_0
Laughing Gull Ad  	3_12_0_0
Ring-billed Gull Ad.	63_82_104_38
Ring-billed Gull Im.	3_2_1_0
Herring Gull Ad.   	55_150_54_129
Herring Gull Im.    	2_10_2_9
Great Black-backed Gull Ad.	2_15_3_12
Great Black-backed Gull Im.	1_0_0_1

Fairfield, Oak Lawn Cemetery
I haven't  been here in a couple of years and I haven't heard of  
anyone covering it lately and it should be. It is a nice little  
cemetery on the west side of the Mill River In addition to the  
riparian woodland, it is well planted with conifers and there is a  
nice little pond to the west. The pond has been a good place for  
Gadwall early and late in the season.

Gadwall	58
American Wigeon	40
Mallard	6
Green-winged Teal	8
Hooded Merganser	2

Lots of Robins in the trees along with Yellow-rumped Warbler and  
House Finches. A flock of Cedar Waxwings was around.

Seeing the number of ducks on the pond and the arrival of the  
Bufflehead I decided to check out the Reservoirs

Hemlock Reservoir
Mute Swan	2
Mallard	6
Ring-billed Gull	4

Aspetuck Reservoir
The Scuap and Bufflehead are new since last week
Canada Goose	28
Mute Swan	2
Wood Duck	1
American Black Duck	22
Lesser Scaup	6
Ring-necked Duck	14
Bufflehead	32
Hooded Merganser	10

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