[CT Birds] Lighthouse Point Park Sunday November 8

Steve Mayo rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sun Nov 8 14:27:07 EST 2009

High pressure is dominating New England, resulting in beach weather at Lighthouse.   Jet Skis are on the New Haven Harbor, the Park has visitors, and butterflies are coursing over the lawn.  
I didn't even come close to approaching Randy's abyssmal tally yesterday.  I had one Coop that went west and 1 in-the-Park male 'Tail.  
Most of the morning flight was missed, but that post dawn flight may have been ok.  From 7:30 am there were 440 RW Blackbird, 108 C Grackle, 88 BH Cowbird, 383 Am Robin, 79 E Bluebird, 323 Cedar Waxwing, 31 Am Goldfinch, 11 Am Pipit, 8 Ho Finch, 3+ Purple Finch.
Other in-the-Park birds were 29 Am Wigeon (poor looks at a possible drake Euro Wigeon way up Morris creek - I'm not calling it but won't be surprised if someone confirms), 59 Brant, virtually no in-Park migrants.  
Steve Mayo

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