[CT Birds] Extralimital Cave Swallows, Townsend's Warblers

David Provencher davidprovencher at sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 9 19:57:12 EST 2009

Nick is spot on with the Cave Swallow pattern that is occurring. However I
am going to suggest that the forecasted stiff easterly winds (if accurate)
will play a significant blocking role for CT Thursday and Friday. Indeed
after Wednesday the current forecast doesn't have NW winds for us again till
Sunday. So I think Wednesday may be our best shot at the wave of birds
reported in NY. We'll see if the forecast changes but I would suggest if you
want Cave Swallow in CT you should be out looking tomorrow and Wednesday.
Particularly Wednesday as the weather breaks during the mid day. All of this
is dependent on the forecast being right of course! Coastal locales tend to
be better since there is a funneling/concentrating effect, especially along
points and open areas like Hammonasset but keep an eye out wherever you
happen to be.


Personally, being a warbler aficionado, I'd prefer the Townsend's Warbler.
When I was in Puerto Rico I stopped my rent-a-car along a dirt road and
pished from inside the car. An Adelaide's Warbler flew out of the woods and
landed on the driver's side mirror about 20 inches from my face. That's how
I want my CT Townsend's Warbler thank you very much!  


Dave Provencher

Naturally New England



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