[CT Birds] Hammonasset 11/9

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Tue Nov 10 00:54:58 EST 2009

Hammonasset - November 9  1:00 to 3:45 PM: 2 AMERICAN BITTERNS on the east edge of the swan pond, WESTERN KINGBIRD at the top of the tall bare tree on the right of the road from West Beach where it meets the traffic circle. The Kingbird is growing a new tail (see photo). I walked out to the very end of the jetty to photograph a group of about 10 COMMON EIDERS and 10 BLACK SCOTERS. The scoters all were either females or juveniles (does anyone know how to tell them apart when they are in the water and you can't see the breast?) There was also one juvenile Surf Scoter in the group. One Common Loon came in very close. While I was photographing the ducks, a very crisp juvenile PURPLE SANDPIPER flew in and landed on the jetty about twenty feet away affording some unusually close-up shots. 
Western Kingbird photo:    http://www.birdspix.com/Species%20folders/Western%20Kingbird/Western%20Kingbird%20017%20cr.jpg
Blacks Scoter photos:       http://www.birdspix.com/ARCHIVE%20SPECIES%20PAGES/Black%20Scoter.html
Purple Sandpiper photos:   http://www.birdspix.com/ARCHIVE%20SPECIES%20PAGES/Purple%20Sandpiper.html

John Schwarz

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