[CT Birds] Juncos galore

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 11 09:48:24 EST 2009

11/11, Dock Shopping Center, Stratford (925a)-  On my way towards Petco I noticed a small flock of swallows flying and hawking over the river behind the restaurant that used to be called the Red Fin.  Only Tree swallows (8), but out of nowhere a huge flock of Juncos came in moving north up river...some moving on, other hitting up the thickets along the river near the dock.  150 is a very low estimate.  One of which was the closest I've seen to a White-hybrid... Black throat with lateral stripes, obvious break between top gray (hood), streaky, brownish buddy flanks and back, strong black lores, and belly/breast streaking that made up the black throat and breast.  It was a juvenile, but it was not a classic state ssps.  The flock was moving towards Milford, moving north... They are probably in the park areas behind the Post rd, going towards Milford Point.  If anyone comes across a 150+ Junco flock in the previously mentioned area, check it close.  -Brian Webster-
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