[CT Birds] Hammo, Tues, 11-10, Eagles at LHP 11-11

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Wed Nov 11 17:23:22 EST 2009

At Hammo on Tuesday I  spotted a gorgeous juvenile Coopers  Hawk to the 
right of the entrance road by the yellow gate.   He had a bright symmetrical 
pattern on his back.  Oddly, i have taken  pictures of several coops such as 
this one with similar markings,  but have yet to see them shown in any field 
guides.   About 100 yards  before the main rotary I spotted a small group of 
birders with scopes and  cameras.  As I thought, they had the Western 
Kingbird "cornered", so I  stopped and got some good looks and a few pictures of 
my own.  The bird now  has a very nice tail, although not as long or full as 
it should be.  I  wonder if he arrived here because he could not steer 
properly  without his tail feathers.  I was the last one there and the bird flew 
 from his roadside perch while I was there.  Despite looking several times 
I  didn't see him the rest of the day.  The camp ground seemed a likely spot 
 he might have retreated to.  At the Eastern end of Meig's Point  I  
spotted the flock of Common Eiders and Black Scoters off the tip of the  
breakwater near the cartop launch site.  They moved quite far out, almost  to the red 
buoy offshore of the breakwater.  I counted 17 birds, but as  they were 
constantly diving, I'n sure there were more than that.  It seemed  to me there 
were far more Eiders (of both sexes) than Scoters, and I'm sure I  did not 
see 10 Scoters as have been previously observed.  There was a  handful of 
Horned Larks in the parking lot at the nature center, no Longspurs or  Buntings 
that I could find.  I didn't find any  American Bitterns, but  I didn't 
look very hard.  
I Hope I'm not stealing Lynn's thunder, but at Lighthouse  Point today 
(Wednesday) we had 4 Bald Eagles and 1 Golden Eagle.  We are  now only 1 G E 
short of our record year, and 7 B E short.  Time is passing,  but we still have 
a chance, especially with the weather forecast for the next  few days.  
Lots of sharp eyes would be a help.  
Below are links to a few pictures:
Coopers Hawk:
Western Kingbird:
LHP Eagle:
Don Morgan

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