[CT Birds] Waterford Tennessee Warbler

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Fri Nov 13 16:44:12 EST 2009

11/13 (Friday the 13th!) -Waterford, my yard and neighbor's  yard: one of 
the best yard birds I have ever had! 1 TENNESSEE  WARBLER, based on the good 
looks I had of the undertail pattern, the  eyeline, and the same solid 
whitish color running from throat to undertail  coverts.  I ruled out orange cr. 
warbler because there was a total absence  of streaking and there was not 
even a hint of yellow on undertail  coverts. I ruled out vireos because it 
just didn't have a vireo head or  bill.
For those of you who have the Peterson Field Guide on Warblers, the bird I  
saw was identical to the Tennessee W. on Plate 4 (p. 50)-- fall adult  male 
or possibly first fall a not b.  The bird I saw appeared to  have no yellow 
Some additional info on behavior:  the bird stayed in the upper  portions 
of two small trees (which fortunately had lost their leaves, making it  easy 
for me to view it) and two times it sallied out flycatcher style to  chase 
insects.  If anyone has any thoughts on whether what I saw was indeed  a 
Tennessee warbler or something else, please let me know.
Also had 1 ruby crowned kinglet.  And lots of white-thr. sparrows,  doves, 
juncos, downies and red-bellied woodpeckers and the other usual suspects  
feeding in the yard a while ago with the storm imminent down  here.
Carolyn Cimino

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