[CT Birds] Stratford Birding.... Vesper/Am. Golden Plover

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 14 14:37:58 EST 2009

11/14, Sikorsky Airport near Flight School (8:00a)-
(1) VESPER SPARROW found yesteday by Scott Kruitbosch continues in a flock of about 30 Juncos, 3-4 White-throats, 2 Chippers and a few Song sparrows.
I have to thank Scott again for helping me into the 300s with lifer 302!  Great find.
(3) American Golden
After finding the Vesper I scanned the fields and runways and just got my binoculars out in time to see 3 American Golden-plovers get spooked by a Black-back Gull and fly off over the flooded marsh towards Long Beach.  Perhaps a few of those seen by Charlie Barnard yesterday?? (Jeez... can't I find my own birds??)
11/14, along the Airport Rd. (Lordship Blvd, 8:35a)-
(1) Northern Harrier (female)
(1) Common Raven being chased by 2 American Crows
(3) Hooded Mergansers
11/14, Great Meadows pool (8:40a)-
(2) Great Egrets
(1) Snowy Egret
11/14 Behind Warehouses (8:45a)-
(2) Great Egret
(1) Gear Blue Heron
(7) Hooded Merganser
(22) Canada Geese
(18) Brant (landing on Gut on Bpt side)
11/14, Great Meadows RR Tracks trail (8:55a)-
(11) Green-winged Teal (blind pond)
(2) Hooded Merganser (blind pond)
(4) Great Egret
(3) Snowy Egret
(3) Black-crowned Night-heron (2 ad, 1 juv.... blind pond)
(2) Yellow-crowned Night-heron (both juv....blind pond)
(1) Belted Kingfisher
(1) Yellow-rumped Warbler
(1) 'Ipswich' race Savannah Sparrow (around first platform)
(1) Peregrine Falcon
(25+) Dunlin (fly-over)
11/14, Frash Pond (9:55a)-
(4) Bufflehead
(1) female Scaup sps (pretty sure Lesser)
(56) Canada Geese
(1) Belted Kingfisher
11/14, Peck's Mill Pond (10:20a)-
(8) American Black Ducks
(1) Pied-biled Grebe
(2) American Coot (my first of the season)
The marsh was extremely flooded, which (I think) concentrated all the egrets into on general area.  I had 8 Greats and 4 Snowys total in Great Meadows... many more than I have had recently.  There was also a very large number of Black Ducks all over.

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