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1989 Great Crested Flycatcher Stonington, Barn Island, CT

WOW! Any photos? This is extremely late for this species. I'm guessing  
observers were not aware of the Ash-throated fall movements back then?
In Louisiana, where eBird reviewers and record's committee members are  
very conservative this record would have to be accompanied by a  
specimen, photo, or video.

An example of how conservative the LBRC is:
Cave Swallow and Bell's Vireo (uncommon breeders in the state)-  are  
review list species.

I have included a valuable note on how to document rare birds from  
someone that knows a
bit about the hobby: http://losbird.org/dittman_lasley.htm

Good birding,
E.J. Raynor

Quoting "Dennis Varza" <dennisvz at optonline.net>:

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1878        Carolina Waren        Saybrook
1883        Black-legged Kittiwake        New Haven
1904        Rose-breasted Grosbeak        Bridgeport
1907        Gadwall        Salisbury, Twin Lakes
1946        Harlequin Duck        Greenwich, Little Captain Island
1947        129 Green-winged Teal        Middlefield
1947        122 Ruddy Duck        Old Saybrook
1947        Nelson's Sparrow        Guilford
1958        Blue-winged Teal        Guilford
1969        Spotted Redshank        New Haven, Kimberly Ave.
1974        Dovekie        Stamford
1982        Tundra Swan        Branford, Lake Saltonstall
1985        Greater White-fronted Goose        Pomfret
1987        Boreal Chickadee        Branford, Lake Saltonstall
1989        Great Crested Flycatcher        Stonington, Barn Island
1989        Oregon Junco        Woodbury
1991        Razorbill        Madison, hammonasset St. Pk.
1991        Northern Wheatear        Madison, hammonasset St. Pk.
1997        Eurasian Wigeon        East Haven Furnace Pond.
1998        500 Laughing Gull        Milford, Oyster River
1998        Franklin's Gull        Milford, Oyster River
1999        Cave Swallow New Haven, Harbor
2000        Common Nighthawk        Stamford
2000        330 Ring-necked Duck        Salisbury, Fisher Pond
2002        Long-billed Dowitcer, Milford, Mondo Ponds

Yellow-rumped Warbler
Nashville Warbler
Orange-crowned Warbler

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