[CT Birds] LHP 11/16

greg hanisek ctgregh at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 16 17:28:07 EST 2009

>From Greg Hanisek
11/16 New Haven, Lighthouse Point hawk watch - pretty good day for the date with 85 raptors, mostly RT but nothing fancy beyond one BV;
Other stuff: 1 CAVE SWALLOW (plus one unid. swallow); 125,000 Common Grackles (including individual flocks of 35,000, 20,000 and 15,000); 2,500 Red-winged Blackbirds; 2,700 American Robins; 1,100 Cedar Waxwings; 20 E. Bluebirds; 3 American Pipits; 1 Purple Finch
Thanks for the help from Bill Banks, Don Morgan, Randy Domina, Frank Gallo, Richard English, Marty Moore

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