[CT Birds] LHPP for Tuesday 11-17-2009

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Tue Nov 17 15:53:37 EST 2009

A relatively slow day at Lighthouse today, as far as the Hawks are concerned. There was a total of 36...2 TV, 11 Sharp-shinned Hawks, 2 Cooper's Hawks, 7 Red-Shouldered Hawks, 12 Red-Tailed Hawks, 1 Merlin, 1 Peregrine Falcon.

The eartly morning Passerine flight was again amazing for the amount of Common Grackles that flew through. We estimated 135,000 total. Other birds were as follows: Red-wing Blackbirds... 4,800; American Robins... 3,650; Cedar Waxwings... 1,100; Eastern Bluebirds... 46; Snow Buntings... 15; Caanada Goose... 68.

Nick Bonomo positively identified the only 2 swallows that we saw today as CAVE SWALLOWs. This now makes 3 for the Point, so far.

Thanks to Don Morgan, Dan Barvir, Judy Moore, Marty Moore, Nick, Tony Tortora, and Richard English.

Bill Banks

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