[CT Birds] Brave GB heron

Susanne Shrader birdgirrl at comcast.net
Wed Nov 18 16:50:09 EST 2009

At my home in Avon yesterday, a young GB Heron would not leave me in peace.  It flew in while I had three people cleaning my property, attracted by the fish in my pond.  The trouble (for it) was, the pond was covered by a net.  This did not stop our hungry visitor, who brazenly stood on the pond netting or next to it off and on for 6 hours,  It would strike and push the netting and hit the water, naturally coming up with nothing.  I felt sorry for it for one foot was mangled with two toes missing and it could not walk properly.  At one point it came as close to me as 5 feet!
Susanne Shrader
birdgirrl at comcast.net

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