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One bird out of that group has caught my eye in recent years. It seems the 
center of abundance for wintering Great Cormorants has shifted from the 
Sound itself to the lower Conn. R. For the last few years the numbers from 
Essex north all the way to East Haddam has been pretty impressive, while the 
species seems harder to come by in the Sound (although Norwalk Is. may be an 
exception. Larry?). Maybe someone like Bill Yule could comment on whether 
there really is an increase in the river, or I've just noticed more for some 

Greg Hanisek

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> Hi Folks
> It is clear that a number of species that are normally regular to  common 
> have become scarce down here in the Fairfield-Stratford Area.  More 
> consequences of the rainy June?
> American Wigeon-Eursaian Wigeon
> There should be 20 to 100 birds in Aspetuck Reservoir Easton, and  another 
> 20 to 50 birds at Seaside Park in Bridgeport. Plus, there  should be birds 
> at St. Johns. Now there are no birds in Aspetuck Res.  a few in the Ash 
> Creek/Seaside Park, none at St. John's and obviously  no Eurasian Wigeons 
> reported anywhere.
> Canvasback.
> Frash Pond Stratford, usually by now there should be 50 or so birds 
> there, For the past week there has been only one.
> Great Cormorant
> This species seems to be in decline in the area the past couple of  years. 
> This year I would be hard pressed to show someone a bird this  month. Is 
> this the back end of global warming? They are not coming  south anymore?
> American Coot
> In my area there are two sites (Lake Forest Bridgeport, Stratford  Marina 
> area) that get several coot at this time. So far I have only  seen one 
> bird in Lake Forest a couple of weeks ago. Inland, Lakes and  reservoirs 
> should be getting numbers around 100, but I have not seen  many reported.
> Conversely, this season seems good for Surf Scoters and Common Eiders
> Then again if every year was the same, it would be rather boring  after a 
> couple of years.
> Dennis Varza
> Fairfield
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