[CT Birds] Gull/Loon behavior

MHMooreP at aol.com MHMooreP at aol.com
Thu Nov 19 15:51:18 EST 2009

Mea culpa if this behavior has been reported already, but I have not read 
all the posts on the Pacific Loon.
About noon today the loon at Quassy in Middlebury was about 200 yards off 
of the beach. After a few minutes a Greater Black-Backed Gull flew in and 
landed about 30 yards from the Loon. I had read that they were often seen in 
proximity. The gull drifted with the loon for about 20 minutes as it dived and 
surfaced. Then as the loon began another dive the gull took flight and 
pounced on the loon when it surfaced. I suspect the gull was trying to steal a 
fish or maybe just was being ornery. I favor the former.
Marty Moore

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