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Stephen Broker ls.broker at cox.net
Fri Nov 20 18:09:10 EST 2009

Hi Rob,

I've developed a comfort zone for where peregrines do and don't perch  
which periodically needs to be expanded.  I'm most familiar with them  
perched on rocks (cliff tops and ledges, talus piles), Redcedar  
snags, and of course buildings and bridge supports.  But, I've also  
seen them on leafed out trees, wooden fence posts, iron fence posts,  
beaches, high tension and radio towers, billboards, lightposts, and  
also on ice sheets, emergent mud flats, and in shallow water.  The  
Gold Star Bridge (New London) peregrines perch on lightposts, and the  
Quinnipiac Bridge peregrines often are seen on the high tension  
towers.  In general, the birds want open space and high elevations  
where they can jump out and begin flapping flight quickly.  It takes  
a bit of time to gain elevation from a low start point.  Or, they  
will come in to low areas specifically for drinking water or  
consuming prey.  More generally, I think they will perch wherever  
they want to perch.

Steve Broker

On Nov 20, 2009, at 3:23 PM, Robert Mirer D.D.S. wrote:

> Peregrine Falcon:
> Today (Friday) at 1 p.m. on the south side of I-84 bt exits 62-63,  
> on the top of a lightpost, Peregrine Falcon. We often see pigeons  
> and Red-tails in such a place, but I've never seen a 'grin under  
> such circumstances. Just wondering-has anyone else seen this? Hard  
> to get a good look while whizzing by at 70.
> Rob Mirer
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