[CT Birds] Lighthouse no, central CT lakes and ponds yes.

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Fri Nov 20 18:09:01 EST 2009

I spent almost 3 hours this morning after the rain cleared out,  doing the 
hawk count at Lighthouse Point.  Total count was zero. Not a  sign of a 
raptor.  Wind started as light southwest and shifted to a  slightly stronger 
west, neither conducive to hawk flight.  I did see a  single swallow that 
looked promising for a Cave, but I didn't see enough to ID  it.
After I left I headed over to Hammonassett briefly, spotting  40+ Horned 
Larks in the west end area and 30 in the nature center parking  lot.  No sign 
of any Snow Buntings or Lapland Longspurs mixed in.   Wind had picked up and 
tide was so high that waves were rolling over the  breakwater, so no 
shorebirds or ducks offshore.  I did spot 2 Northern  Harriers and a Coopers Hawk 
harrassing a flock of blackbirds.  Also 2 Great  Egrets in the marshes. 
I decided to head up through south central Ct. to check for  birds on a few 
lakes and ponds, something that has been totally missing on the  eastern 
Ct. waters I have visited.  I was pleasantly surprised at  three different 
McKenzie  Reservoir, Wallingford: 27 Green-winged  Teal. 
At Pistapaug Pond in Wallingford I found a nice mixed  bag.  I didn't get 
accurate counts, being more interested in the different  species.  
c 15 Ruddy Ducks
4 (or more) Common Goldeneye.
At least 4 Scaup (Greater per Marty Moore)
10+ Hooded Mergansers
C. Geese
Bishops Pond, Meriden (split by Research Parkway on the  east side of I-91):
In the west pond (next to I-91): 
117 American Wigeon.  I checked for Eurasian Widgeon   but didn't see any.  
At 3:30 PM the sun was right in my eyes, but  there was an EUWI there 2 
years ago, so it might be worth a look by someone who  can do it in the 
26 Green-winged Teal.  
1 female Bufflehead.  
Quite a few Mallards and C Geese.  
There was another half a dozen AMWI in the east pond across the  road.  All 
my counts are probably close but most likely  understated.
Don Morgan

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