[CT Birds] Maltby Lakes, Orange

Katz1449 at aol.com Katz1449 at aol.com
Sun Nov 22 15:32:37 EST 2009

Nov. 22    1:15-2:30PM   Maltby  lakes, Orange
A beautiful afternoon for a leisurely walk by Maltby Lakes in  Orange. On 
the "white rectangle" trail we saw 13 mallards, 3 Canada geese, 1  mourning 
dove, 2 Mute swans, 3 robins, 2 red tailed hawks-soaring, 3 American  crows, 
3 juncos, 3 blue jays and  3 white tailed deer (1 buck & 2  does);
heard a white breasted nuthatch and red bellied  woodpecker.
On the DePrey trail (yellow circle trail) 2 chickadees, 15  juncos,  10 
1 white breasted nuthatch, 1 chipmunk and 30 ring billed gulls  in lake.
Beverly Propen, Orange

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