Alexander Burdo alexanderburdo at mac.com
Sun Nov 22 17:35:08 EST 2009

 From Alex Burdo and James Orrico with Paul Desjardins:
Had the woodpecker at the spot it was reported from yesterday. When  
you get to the nature center then take the paved path up to the  
Brookside Trail. Pass Brookside Trail and keep going to the long old  
barn in front of you. At the barn make a right onto a trail that is  
very wide, wide enough for a car. There are three piles of woodchips  
in front of you. The bird was seen in the forest behind the piles of  
woodchips. The bird was heard before it was seen. It was very active,  
moving from tree to tree, stashing acorns. Maybe it will spend the  
winter. It did its chattering call very often. Often the key to  
knowing it was still there. Great bird!
I will post photos on the blog a little later-just click on the link.

Alex Burdo

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