[CT Birds] newington - save cedar mountain

Claudia cllongmore at cox.net
Tue Nov 24 21:57:17 EST 2009

This may not be of interest to all and for that I apologize . also, I hope
I'm not breaking any listserve rules.   

There was a meeting at the Newington town hall last night to allow public
opinions re plans for the development of cedar mountain .  last month Toll
Bros., a national builder of luxury homes, withdrew its request to change
the zoning for the parcel from commercial to residential.  It's unclear why
they backed off and whether they will resubmit the request.    at the packed
meeting (with many people standing), person after person spoke of their
belief that some of the last remaining green space in Newington should be
protected against any such endeavors both now and in the future .   

Because the meeting occurred during a holiday week, it has been continued .
the next meeting will be December 9th , 7 pm, at Newington town hall .   if
you're interested please plan on attending if at all possible.  and for more
information, there is a facebook page titled "Save Cedar Mountain" .

Thanks for your support !  

Claudia longmore

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