[CT Birds] Hammo (11/25)

Alexander Burdo alexanderburdo at mac.com
Wed Nov 25 15:49:23 EST 2009

I birded Hammo today, covering the entire park.
Bird numbers were low and I hardly saw any passerines. I don't know if  
it's the weather or what.

25 Horned Larks-including two birds with very pale faces that were  
pretty much white.
2 male COMMON EIDERS-jetty by the start of the moraine trail
1 Great Egret
20 flyby Dunlin
1 Common Loon
1 Canada Goose with a yellow neckband-does anyone know if there is  
anywhere I can report the letter and numbers on the band?

Stopped at Frash Pond on the way. All that was there was a small flock  
of Canada Geese and 4 Hooded Mergansers. Waterfowl numbers are  
EXTREMELY low at this location.I went here last year at this time and  
you could hardly see the water there were so many ducks. What is going  

Alex Burdo

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