[CT Birds] Fw: Hammonasset Beach SP; Madison, Nov. 28

Scott Baron brnpelican at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 29 14:19:22 EST 2009

I forgot to mention that I spoke to a gentleman at Hammonasset who said that while boating about 2 weeks ago he saw a flock of 50 eiders (I assume Common) off the jetty near Meig's Point.

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Hello, birders.

I'm visiting my family for Thanksgiving.  I managed to get out for birding this afternoon.  I went to Hammonasset, where the birding was very slow.  Low numbers and low
diversity.  I birded Meig's Point/Nature Center area, Willard's Island,
the Moraine Trail and the pond near the West Beach parking lot.

The highlight was the 3 NORTHERN GANNETS flying way offshore in mid-afternoon.  

Full (and skimpy) list is below:

Canada Goose, 35
Mute Swan, 2 (pond near West Beach lot)
Am. Black Duck, 26 (flock of 13, flock of 11)
duck sp., 2 (way out over Sound, scoters?)
No. Gannet, 3

cormorant sp. (way out over Sound)
Ruddy Turnstone, 1 (end of Moraine Trail)
Sanderling, 10+/- (end of Moraine Trail)
Dunlin, 122 (end of Moraine Trail)
shorebird sp., 2 (flying away, Turnstone?)

Ring-billed Gull, 39
Herring Gull, 100+/-
Great Black-backed Gull, 1
Mourning Dove, 4
Horned Lark, 29 (Nature Center lot, no buntings or longspurs)

Black-capped Chickadee, 3
Carolina Wren, 1
G.c. Kinglet, 1
Am. Robin, 1
Yellow-rumped Warbler, 21+/-

White-throated Sparrow, 4
House Finch, 2

Scott Baron
Fairfax, Va. 


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