[CT Birds] Interesting question

Steve Mayo rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Sun Nov 29 23:05:29 EST 2009

Great question, Don.
When I encounter a perched, immature accipiter, I still have to supress the urge to toss a rock at it in order to observe its flight (Just kidding).  
I say Cooper's Hawk.   
Why a CH?
Thin streaking against pure white on breast (I know, there are sometimes very lightly streaked imm. NGs out there, but most imm. NGs around here seem to have a light tawny wash to the breast).  
Thin, "weak" supercillium, not much behind the eye (I know, another far-from-conclusive field mark).
Yellow cere.
"Clean pants."  Undertail coverts are white.  No apparent streaking, even at edges of undertail coverts.  That is, no eidence of those squarish or diamond-shaped markings on the edges of the undertail coverts.  That's a stretch; there's only 1 good photo image of this.
Streaking on the feathers over the thigh are uniform, light and vertical.
Upperwing coverts are trimmed with buffy, not pale whitish edges.  Mantle just doesn't look "scaly enough" for a NG.  
Finally, my first impression, it is a pretty, warm-brown bird.  Immature NGs look dirty, scaly and ugly.  How's that for an objective comment?  
Steve Mayo

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