[CT Birds] what hawk is it?

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Tue Dec 1 10:02:53 EST 2009

Don's Hawk

I also agree it to be an Im Coopers Hawk.

I find it sometimes best to first, make a first snap guess and go from there. Brits call it the "Jizz of the bird" Your first impression.This bird looks a bit thin, slender and not bulky enough to be a Goshawk. Compared to a Gos, the head seems a bit to small, The light eyebrow is not really thick nor broad enough to be a Gos. Both can have them, but the Gose's is always prominent. Underside striping is neat,plus not bold enough for a Gos. The overall coloring is also darkish brown, whereas an Im Gos seems to always be of a more warm brown tone. 

One of the more difficult traits to a Goshawk I find can be their size. A small male can often be much smaller and thinner than a large female. Closely resembling a small female Cooper. These occasional really small males can be very confusing - breaking all the rules as to what it really is, esp if it is an Immature bird.

I have been fooled by this, but your bird shown here has other points that dispel it from being a small Im male Gos.

Nice pictures by the way.......... Paul Carrier

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