[CT Birds] LeConte's Sprw report N Coventry

Greg Hanisek ghanisek at rep-am.com
Tue Dec 1 23:55:58 EST 2009

I just received a report submitted to eBird of a bird ID'd as a LeConte's Sparrow by James Taylor. His report is copied below. 
Greg Hanisek

Most small birds at brother's feeder on South St, North Coventry; also viewed cut corn field approx 1/4 mile down from where Silver St branches off of Rt 44 in North Coventry - conservative count of 300 RBGulls, also saw the group of 17 Killdeer (thought far less when viewing some on ground, when they took flight saw far more to count #); while out of car in grassy area between road and corn field saw sparrow - my notes indicate streaking to breast and along flanks, orange above and below on face very bright, crown on top appearing white in middle, note was "tseep", very secretive although got nice views, would disappear then pop back up, at one point flew off low and quick and popped back down into grassy area - relocated him once, but then the 2nd time he flew off I never found him again even though the grass was relatively short and abutting the cornfield. I've researched on-line and my numerous birding books and narrowing down between sparrows with bright orange extensive on face w/streaking on breast it's either LeConte's or SaltMarsh and given the call note and location, I'm confident it's a Le Conte's - I'd welcome feed-back on the call one way or the other. I've gained a lot of familiarity over the past couple years on sparrows and this was unlike any other I've seen (having seen the Salt Marsh Sparrows at Belle Isle, Boston on occasion). 

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