[CT Birds] Hawk id

lisagagnon37 at yahoo.com lisagagnon37 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 2 13:33:36 EST 2009

Ok Lisa here again east hampton. I need hawk I'd. This hawk I caught out of the corner of my eye at what was going 2 be @ the end of my bird watching earlier 2 day. I observed 4 an hour. I think it was a juvenile not sure. It was perched when I first saw it good size and good looking I must say almost reminded me of a owl @ first. Dark backside and buffy orange rusty on the belly diminishing into off white top of bill yellowish head was also a buffy brown tail was kinda long with a few white bars it was not bothering with the titmice that decided they were going 2 let it know it was not welcome. While in tree perched observing it wagged its tail never saw that before. It went to the ground twice and was pulling back leaves then it left. I do have lots of woods around and water? Thanks Lisa!
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