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Hey CTBirders,

In case you hadn't heard, eBird recently came out with two new protocol types - County Birding and Site Survey. The Site Survey protocol was designed for people who do a weekly survey at the same location, and the County Birding protocol to improve the coverage of areas that don't typically get birded. I like the County Birding option because those data could potentially be used to create the type of second-generation breeding bird atlas that I talked about at this year's COA annual meeting. Check out these atlases from other states to see what I'm talking about: http://www.gbbo.org/nbba.htm

And check out this link for a recent NPR piece that features Dr. Chris Elphick talking about the importance of standardized counts to an effort like this: http://www.cpbn.org/article/biologists-pursue-standardized-cataloging

These links have more information on the two new protocols: http://ebird.org/content/ebird/about/county_birding
 I would add to these that you can make your sightings even more valuable by recording them as small area counts or stationary counts. As a general rule of thumb, many smaller counts are much more valuable to scientists than few large ones...especially in a state as small as CT!

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