[CT Birds] Bridgeport Shore

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Sat Dec 5 11:42:20 EST 2009

  There were hunters on Fayerweater Island. There were several large  
flocks of Red-breasted Mergansers about and a scattering of Common  
Loons. Great Cormorants are finally in town at the mouth of Black  
Rock Harbor, not Bridgeport Harbor where they usually hang out.  
Inland there was a Lesser Black-backed gull at Beardsley Park. Lake  
Forest continues to be the only place in the area for reliable Ruddy  

Dennis Varza

Bridgeport Shore, from Ash Creek to Bridgeport Harbor, 7:15 to 9:25,  
Low tide rising.
Brant	23	Bridgeport Harbor
Canada Goose	110
Mute Swan	2
American Wigeon	1	Ash Creek
American Black Duck	170
Mallard	77
Lesser Scaup	3	Beacon St.
Long-tailed Duck	1
Bufflehead	16
Common Goldeneye	1	
Hooded Merganser	44
Red-breasted Merganser	83	several large flocks
Red-throated Loon	2
Common Loon	21
Great Cormorant	5	on the channel markers outside Black Rock Harbor
Double-crested Cormorant	1	on the channel markers outside Black Rock  
Great Blue Heron  	6
Ring-billed Gull Ad.	302
Ring-billed Gull Im.	7
Herring Gull Ad.	217
Herring Gull	Im. 23
Great Black-backed Gull Ad	10
Great Black-backed Gull Im	1
Belted Kingfisher	1
American Pipit	1

Bridgeport, Beardsely Pk.
Canada Goose	82
American Black Duck	68
Mallard	198
Ring-billed Gull	112 ad 31im
Herring Gull	 40 ad 3 im.
Lesser Black-backed Gull	1 ad.
Great Black-backed Gull	4 ad. 1 im.

Bridgeport, Lake Forest
Canada Goose	8
Mallard	48
Hooded Merganser	12
Common Merganser	14
Ruddy Duck	25	
Double-crested Cormorant	1
Ring-billed Gull	34
Herring Gull	22

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