[CT Birds] Trap Falls Reservoir

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 6 10:08:23 EST 2009

12/6, Trap Falls Reservoir, Shelton (830a)-  2 Bald Eagles, one adult and one 3rd year, harassing every bird in the area, especially a poor Ring-bill gull.  Also about a dozen Bufflehead, 2 Pied-billed Grebes, 2 female Common Mergansers, 3 of my first Ruddy ducks of the season flying by, and 7 Lesser Scaup.  The flock of scaup circled the lake several times before landing, and it was 6 males following every turn of a leading female.  Though as soon as they landed, Mr. Eagle sent them back in the air towards the back of the water.  There was also a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker in the pines across the road from the reservoir.  The bufflehead were showing courtship behavior.   -Brian Webster- 
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