[CT Birds] Ash Creek Birds-LINCOLN'S SPARROW

Alexander Burdo alexanderburdo at mac.com
Sun Dec 6 18:48:22 EST 2009

I birded Ash Creek Open Space today, doing some very thorough birding  
around the place. Also, I checked the bridge from Riverside Drive, but  
stayed in Fairfield:
Lower is Ash Creek is mostly viewable from many areas around the Open  
Space, so there are ducks here as well.

The highlight was definitely the Lincoln's Sparrow. Seems late??
This was NOT a survey

4 	Great Blue Herons-I have been watching this spot for many years and  
they've grown more abundant every year
1 	Mute Swan-not terribly abundant
4 	Canada Goose-the three injured birds hanging around the bridge  
continue, 1 healthy bird-Lower Ash Creek
15 	American Black Duck-the flock in the ash creek open space marsh  
(not lower ash creek)
1 	American Wigeon-with the flock of American Black Ducks
12 	Bufflehead-The flock that spends the winter-Lower Ash Creek
4 	Hooded Merganser-Ash Creek OS-Marsh
3 	Hooded Merganser-Lower Ash Creek
6 	Hooded Merganser-Bridge
4 	Red-breasted Merganser-including one male
27 	Ring-billed Gull-a whole bunch was roosting at high tide in the  
marina adjacent to Ash Creek Open Space
24 	Herring Gull-Many flying around the marina
1 	Red-bellied Woodpecker-heard
1 	Downy Woodpecker-point trail
3 	Blue Jay-point trail
2 	Black-capped Chickadee-a little down from last trip-probably  
foraging across the way
2 	Tufted Titmouse-heard
1 	Northern Mockingbird-always present in dead tree at start of the  
1 	American Tree Sparrow-my first of the winter-point trail-a very  
elusive bird
15 	Song Sparrow-all over-abundant
1 	LINCOLN'S SPARROW-thin, fine streaks and yellowish on flanks, also  
when the bird was facing me, it didn't have a large breast spot like a  
Song Sparrow. Hanging out with the song sparrows near the start of the  
point trail.
3 	Dark-eyed Junco-foraging
3 	House Finch-frequenting their usual spot near the start of the  
point trail
2 	House Sparrow-with the House Finches
10 	American Goldfinch-a group, foraging and calling

Note: the one Red-breasted Nuthatch that has been seen for a month was  
not found after a long search

A nice day to be out! I was keeping an eye out for the pelicans and  
even did a short watch of the sea from the point. However, I went home  
and read Nick's post and found I was a bit early.

Alex Burdo

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