[CT Birds] Hammo habitat removal

Nick Bonomo nbonomo at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 20:20:20 EST 2009

While at Hammonasset recently I've noticed an unfortunate and likely
unnecessary removal of good bird habitat where the new pavilion is
being built (near the old rotary). In the median island there used to
be a long row of tall, healthy pines. These have been removed and
replaced with a few scattered deciduous saplings. The reason for
removal? Maybe the pines were obstructing the view of the new pavilion
from the main road/rotary. If so, it's hardly a reason to take down so
many trees. Also, other pines around the 'old' rotary (one of the
areas frequented by crossbills) were taken down.

Also, a large area of scrub was completely cleared along the west side
of the old rotary and vicinity. It was great habitat. Some of it
remains, but quite a bit is gone. One of the birdiest places of the
park at this time of year. Many of you remember the area for the
Lazuli Bunting found by Bill Yule; that bird, and the flock of
wintering passerines, spent some if its time around the old rotary in
that scrubby stuff.

None of this habitat was impeding the building of the new pavilion as
far as I could tell. Just a typical case of over-management and crappy

Maybe someone can enlighten me, but this did not seem necessary. Is
there a reason I am missing?

Nick Bonomo
Wallingford, CT

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