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Tue Dec 8 21:24:24 EST 2009

I just saw Nicks email about wildlife habitat removal at Hammonasett. I did a survey into the condition of the trees in the spruce area at Sherwood Island. This is the area where the Crossbills and others show up in the winter.
There are 59 evergreen trees in this patch, of those 14 are in good condition, 13 are in fair condition, 15 are in poor condition and 17 are dead.
There has been a dramatic change here in the past two years, as most of these trees were healthy a year or two ago.
As we move on North to the Cedar area, all ground scrub has been removed, a few snag trees chain-sawed down. This area used to seem large, but now that you can see clearly through it, it has become very small. Nice job of wildlife habitat removal to someone!
Looking into my crystal ball, I see a very nice picnic area underneath a sparse handful of ever-greens, a few dozen tables scattered about, and enough newly planted grass to accommodate at least another hundred Canada Geese, to a several hundred current residents already there.
Folks, I am NOT a tree hugger, but I am big on conservation of wildlife habitat!
Something that may someday be a thing of the past in these parts.

Best to All,
Larry Flynn

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