[CT Birds] Seaside Park

Brian Webster b.webster at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 12 10:29:21 EST 2009

12/12, Seaside Park, Bridgeport (9:30a)-
(25) Horned Larks
(9) American Pipits
(3) Snow Buntings
(7) Killdeer
(1) possible (hopefully probable) juv. Iceland Gull
All birds other than the gull were seen in the field/lawn at the far west end of the park.  The gull was on the shore across the road from that lawn.
Also present was, what I think to be, a juvenile Iceland gull in with the few hundreds along the shore at the far west end of the park.  There were a few seperate groups of anywhere from 25-100 sleeping on the shore, and then a man started feeding the gulls.
The possible Iceland's coloration was closer to the darker juvenile shown in Sibley's, though not that dark.  The front of it's face was whiter than the head, dark bill, pinkish feet, and (this may have been the lighting) when in flight for a second the end of it's tail seemed a darker hue of whiteish/gray than the rest of the tail.
I only saw it fly up that once, then it landed back down on the shore among the many other gulls.  The main field mark I noticed was that when sitting, it's tail was not black or black with white spots or any variation of the two.  It was the same whitish-gray as the rest of the bird.
Perhaps of note to those birding to the west of Seaside park, a Canada goose fitting the sdize of a Cackler was in a large flock heading W/NW towards Fairfield around 9:45a.  The flock was about 60 birds plus.  There were many flocks moving about this morning, but the possible cackling goose was in one of the largest.
-Brian Webster-

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