[CT Birds] Bridgeport

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Sat Dec 12 14:57:44 EST 2009

The cold weather of the past two day has caused small ponds to freeze  
over and the larger ponds have ice on part of them. I presume that is  
the reason for the increase in ducks and Killdeer I saw. Also, there  
was a great increase in gulls. This may also be due to the freezing  
of the interior, but also there was something going on in the water.  
The tide was falling and lots of gulls were feeding heavily among the  
newly exposed rocks and in the shallows of the sand bars. What they  
were feeding on I do not know. At Beardlsey Park there was a flock of  
1000 Common Grackles (a guess) working the area of the entrance to  
the park. The birds were constantly swirling about so it was hard to  
get a good count. Looking through the birds the best I could, I could  
not find any other species in the flock.

Dennis Varza

Bridgeport, Ash Creek, Black Rock Harbor(St. Mary’s Pond frozen  
over), Sea Side Park 7:50 to 11:00

Brant	68
Canada Goose	210
Mute Swan	2
American Wigeon	59
Gadwall	10
American Black Duck	227
Mallard	220
Northern Shoveler	1	Bridgeport Harbor
Lesser Scaup	16	Beacon St.
Long-tailed Duck	12
Bufflehead	34
Hooded Merganser	7
Red-breasted Merganser	34
Common Loon	5
Great Cormorant	5
Double-crested Cormorant	1	Bridgeport Harbor
Great Blue Heron	4
Killdeer	19	Most at mouth of Ash Creek
Ring-billed Gull Ad	590
Ring-billed Gull Im	10
Herring Gull Ad	610
Herring Gull Im	49
Great Black-backed Gull Ad	13
Great Black-backed Gull Im	1
Belted Kingfisher	1

Bridgeport Beardsley Pk., Lake Forest

Canada Goose	209_8
American Black Duck	44_-
Mallard	165_4
Hooded Merganser	2_32
Common Merganser	-_12
Ruddy Duck	-_10
Great Blue Heron	1_-
Ring-billed Gull Ad	114_4
Ring-billed Gull Im	15_-
Herring Gull	Ad 6_2
Herring Gull Im 1_0
Common Grackle	1000	-	

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