[CT Birds] Red breasted nuthatch, purple finches

Ann spoonbill at optonline.net
Sat Dec 12 23:32:34 EST 2009

Goshen- East side of Woodridge Lake (Beach Street and East Hyerdale Drive)
seen by Ann Orsillo, December 12 -

Red breasted nuthatch

8 purple finches plus two at my feeder 

Golden crowned kinglet

Eastern blue bird

3 white throated sparrows

Coopers hawk


Bald Eagle and C. Raven has been seen almost every day for the last two

Yesterday there was still open water on Woodridge Lake so there were still
37 Common mergansers, 18 Common goldeneyes, 3 hooded mergansers along with
the usual 100 plus Canada geese and 28 mallards.  A big change from last
week when there were also good numbers of Black Ducks, Ring necked,
Buffleheads. Today ice covered most of the drawn down lake and very few
ducks were seen.

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