[CT Birds] No cranes, but other stuff

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Sun Dec 13 12:57:12 EST 2009

12/13/09   Thanks to Sara Zagorski for the call this morning reporting 4 westward Sandhill Cranes at Hammonassett.  I put in a 2+-hour vigil (9-11:15 am) in Stratford at the end of Sniffens Lane, while other folks scanned from Short Beach & Stratford Point.  No sign of the cranes.  Could they have blown through at 30+ mph before I got there?  I did however see these highlights:  a lone SNOW GOOSE migrated over; numerous flocks of Canada Geese migrating over (as they did Saturday), including 1 CACKLING GOOSE;  1 GREAT EGRET  flying west high over Milford Point marsh;  3 No. Harriers including one migrating adult male; 6 flocks of blackbirds (seemed to be mostly Red-wingeds); 1 PEREGRINE FALCON atop distant RR tower.
Along the Lordship coast were many loons of both Common & Red-throated, 1 horned grebe, and the usual gulls and ducks.

12/12 Stratford, Great Meadows - around sunset - 2 GREAT EGRETS flying east (4:40pm), 3 Black-crowned Night-Herons  flying (4:50).

Frank Mantlik

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