[CT Birds] Southport Survey #207 and some Westport

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Sun Dec 13 14:15:58 EST 2009

Southport Survey # 207
At first light it was a cold 22°F and clear. Off to the west one  
could see the line of clouds coming. By 9:00 clouds were overhead and  
I could feel the dampness in the air.

Off shore it was again quite, a cluster of Red-breasted Merganser and  
a scatter of Long-tailed Ducks in groups of 1 to 5. The loons were  
about but not in any large number.

On the golf course the ponds were mostly frozen, so the grebe was  
gone, and had gulls on them. There was one fly by Merlin. The Great  
Cormorants continue on the harbor marker used by the Ospreys. I would  
like to state right now I changed my mind about the Great Cormorants.  
I would rather have the Double-crested Cormorants back and the  
associated weather. The cold weather did depress the dog activity  
however. The Coot was seen again in the harbor. Maybe it has taken up  
residences and it is a matter of running across it on occasion. The  
harbor had ice patches in it.

The big news was all the geese and puddle ducks. About a third of the  
gees were fly-bys, and most of the ducks were at Southport Beach or  
in the harbor. There was also a Northern Harrier/ northern harrier/  
marsh hawk/ (Circus cyaneus) on the fly by.

Dennis Varza

DATE	11/21	11/30	12/6	12/13
Tide	Low	High	Low	High
Time	7:15	7:00	7:35	7:35

Brant	0_1_0_0
Canada Goose	22_26_46_554
Mute Swan	3_2_5_6
American Black Duck	14_8_26_38
Mallard	17_4_21_56
White-winged Scoter	0_7_0_4
Long-tailed Duck	2_37_9_24
Bufflehead	2_12_20_14
Common Goldeneye	2_0_0_0
Hooded Merganser	6_6_27_17
Red-breasted Merganser	27_8_10_10
Common Loon	8_2_12_6
Red-throated Loon	5_10_3_7
Pied-billed Grebe	0_0_1_0
Great Cormorant	0_3_3_5
Double-crested Cormorant	11_3_2_0
Great Blue Heron   	2_2_2_2
American Coot	0_1_0_1
Ring-billed Gull Ad.	151_271_88_84
Ring-billed Gull Im.	9_10_2_3
Herring Gull Ad.   	114_32_166_102
Herring Gull Im.    	4_13_7_5
Great Black-backed Gull Ad.	10_3_7_4
Great Black-backed Gull Im.	1_1_0_0

I went to Burying Hill Beach in Westport to not get the Lesser Black- 
backed Gull again, and found 35 Ruddy Turnstones on the wood jetty  
along with a Dunlin. Also, Common Loons and Long-tailed Oldsquaw /Old- 
squaw/ Old Squaw were more common down here.

A quick stop at the Sherwood Island Mill Pond produced the following
Gadwall	38
American Wigeon	10
American Black Duck	83
Mallard	34

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